a challenge.

I know I should have posted more frequently about my trip to Greece, but during those moments of living the experiences I never thought twice about stopping, only moving forward to the next new thing.  So, here is my attempt to make up for that!

Location: Delphi, Greece

Date: May 18, 2012

Time: 11:08 PM

An interesting thought just crossed my mind. I was challenged twice today. Not the kind of challenge you and a group of friends play involving some sort of show-boaty finish, but rather two people caught me completely off guard by their wish for me to pursue something, to continue on in something I found to be difficult.

The first time was today was my attempt to draw a sphinx in the Delphi Museum. I loved the enormity of the stone sculpture; the sense of grandeur and confidence conveyed through the posture was striking. I wanted dearly to document it within the cream pages of my travel log, maybe, hopefully, capturing some of its secret power. A secret power I could conjure and call upon later in moments of weakness.  Perhaps it was the mystical gas that surrounds the myth of Delphi that was getting to me. But after getting out my journal, uncapping my pen (already frustrated with myself for not having pencil with me), and positioning myself far enough away to really get a good look at the sculpture, I admitted defeat even before I began. Then a fellow student happened to wander by asking what I was doing – to an onlooker it might seem strange, I was in the correct position to be sketching, but I was withholding the action. I mentioned my intention and received encouragement from him, but still dismissed my initial want. I continued to wander through the room, never straying too far from the Sphinx sculpture, always looking back to make sure it was still there. I don’t know why I thought it would move, but I did. Reflecting on it now, I was already beginning to regret not doing something to document it. Image

Later, running into my professor, we discussed our shared fascination with the grandiose object, which would have adorned a 12.5-meter column protecting the Siphian treasury at Delphi. I made mention of my failed attempt to sketch it, and had completely removed any further pursuit of the object, but then she challenged me, saying that I really should try again. This shocked me, not in the jaw dropping sense, but rather it was a complement that my professor would want me to pursue such a task. I was semi-upset with myself for not thinking of it. I tried to draw it and kind of succeeded. It wasn’t the documentation I had pictured to be staining the pages of my journal, but it was the first step.

— Can I just please note that I’m in a hotel in Delphi up late trying to go through my thoughts, surrounded by Germans. All speaking their native tongue – I LOVE TRAVELING –

The second time I was un-expectantly challenged was walking to find some lunch with a classmate. We were walking back from the Delphi museum, and I was trying to describe the sensation of walking out of the noisy club into the silence last night. In the moment I couldn’t find the words to describe the pressure that coats your inner ears after only an hour of deafening music from a club. To my slight frustration with my inability to describe the feeling he simply said, “Well, try.” Again, the wish for me to continue on completely caught me off guard. I rebalanced my self from the slight stumble that occurred and stood slight taken aback. The confidence that this elicited in me was fantastic. It is almost as if he knew I could, but I was too lazy to try. Which is true, I’m use to things coming easily to me, and when that didn’t happen I chose to disregard the whole situation. I also think it was the fact that it showed genuine interest. He wanted me to continue my explanation of the feeling, rather than the normal person who would just move on to the next story.

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