a figure

Kerameikos, the ancient Athenian cemetery, lies west of the Agora outside of Athen’s walls.  This site contains an interesting archaeological find, a broken Kouros figure.   Normally, a find like this would spark no more interest than usual, but it was found outside of its stratigraphical layer.  In 2002, a German archaeologist excavated the area of Kerameikos to find bits of sculptures compacted together.  Rather than being found amongst other sculptures of distinguishing Archaic characteristics, the figure rested with multiple centuries of archaeological remains. Originally, sculptures such as the Kouros figure would come from grave enclosures owned by aristocratic families, but during the Persian sack of Athens, many of these were destroyed. During the construction of the Sacred Way by Temistokles in 479-478 BC, the pieces of statues were used as road filler to strengthen the road.   This is indicated by wheel marks that are left on the back of the Kouros figure


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