a suspended state

It’s all about the incandescent, the desirable, and the nonsensical that live in the in-between of real life. It’s the small glimpses of pure pleasure and passion that can only be realized through the slow curl of a smile, and the startling throw of your head at a single laugh.

It’s about the dreaming and the feeling of ambition that motivates us forward.  It’s that French song playing candidly in the back of your mind as a soundtrack to your afternoon. It’s that book you reference as an explanatory means to your momentary bad luck.

It’s about knowing reality and the make-believe, and dangerously flirting with the diaphanous line that separates the two.  It’s about being happy in the moment, letting go of the past, and not burdening the mind with thoughts of the future.    It’s about floating and not touching any boundaries.

Of course, this state is not constant, but a momentary happenstance of joy.  It is the inhale before the dive.

This moment lives in that breath.

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