We’re living in the in-between

We dived with intention but the free fall 

made us question our positioning and potential


In this suspended state

anything seems possible 


A Quote

“This is the part where you find out who you are”

— For me, this is such a beautiful and inspiring quote —

Set against twilight,

that magical hour,

which holds so many promises.

It’s the mystical veil that keeps me guessing at hope.

                     I am the optimist,

                                              the pursuer,

reaching that hope and seeing myself in a new light.

I accepted the challenge of reinvention

and came out two steps ahead of everyone else.

a review

Reviewing a recent post “a transition” I realize that I need to start incorporating more artwork into my posts about thoughts on life.  Art is beautifully expressive, not only to the individual who creates it but also, to the viewer.

Georgia O’Keeffe has always been one of my favorite artists.  One afternoon while sitting in an introductory art history class, her White Trumpet Flower flashed onto the projector screen.  Unlike the other artwork being shown, the quite strength and serenity of the flower engulfed the screen. Its illuminating presence captivated me


But to follow up with a post about growth and movement I find her large flowers to be the perfect compliment.  They are bold, beautiful, and unabated.  Something I also, wish to master when it comes my life. The exotic nature in which O’Keeffe captured the flowers’ essence was extremely controversial.  The sensuality of her paintings both infatuated and brought about strong disapproval from viewers.

BOLD: I want be bold and daring, taking new chances and challenges when the opportunity presents itself.

BEAUTIFUL: I equate true beauty with elegance, something that is level, calm headed, and confident.

UNABATED: I need to be relentless in my pursuit of passion as I experience and grow.